SOAR Hornet 5" Frame - Magma Orange

SOAR Hornet 5" Frame - Magma Orange


SOAR Aerospace Hornet

We are pleased to introduce the Hornet, the first in a line of fully colored carbon fiber frames. Built with racing in mind, the Hornet and our unique carbon fiber is handcrafted in sunny Orlando Florida out of Soar Aerospace High Strength Carbon™.

SOAR Aerospace High Strength Carbon™

► Toray 700 carbon fiber, the strongest and highest quality carbon fiber for the most advanced pilots in the FPV industry.

►A combination of multi-directional 3K and 12K fiber for optimized strength in all directions.

► Aerospace-grade manufactured fiber coupled with impact resistant resin that yields a lightweight, durable, and overall premium frame.

Key Features:

►Dyed fiberglass-carbon cosmetic layer in your favorite colors!

►Stretch X Configuration.

►Removable Arms, just remove two screws!

►Multi-directional carbon fiber for enhanced strength.

► 30mm x 30mm Flight stack ready.

►Dual Texture Finish: Smooth gloss on one side and textured finish on the other.


►Lightweight coming in at 65g.

►1x 3mm +45°/-45° Biaxial Carbon Base Plate.

►1x 3mm +45°/-45° Biaxial Carbon Top Plate.

►4x 4.2mm 0°/90° Carbon Arms.

►12x 12mm M3 Steel Screws.

►4x Knurled 25mm Standoffs.

► 4 M3 Lock-nuts.

►TPU micro camera mounts included.


►Micro sized FPV camera.

►Loctite all screws to ensure maximum rigidity.

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